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Since June when i pre-ordered the mafiabike clip2 i knew it was going to be my favourite bike so far and it hit the spot really well it's a total banger for the price of it i haven’t had no problems with it, it can definitely take a beating and it has got amazing new features such as fatter tyres in white/wall and the back double wall rim that is so much stronger then the normal rims i am very pleased with the mafiabike service and i will definety carry on using it, thank you

Czarek, London

Brother bought a clip but I ended up using it more! The clip is a great solid bike, perfect for learners & intermediate bmx'ers that just ride on the occasional weekend when they are free. The huge bars offer great control and stability over the bike and the chunky 2.3" tryes give the bike great looks as well as good balance. The bike is an amazing prize and great to ride about on. I wouldnt change anything on it either. 5 *'s

Matt from Shaftesbury

I bought the Clip2 about a month ago now and I can honestly say its perfect for beginners to semi-pro's, The parts are perfect and most of the people at my local skate-park cant really fault it. You will easily get a "wow" with the slick paint, white walls and the perfect bars, iv'e had many offers for my bars, never letting them go! If your a beginner or quite a pro, I recommend the Clip2 for sure and at only £208? I cant see how they can sell this brilliant bike so cheap!

Jacob, Plymouth

I've had my clip2 in red for a few weeks now and it is just insane, properly the best bike I've owned since I've riding bmx. Mafia have really shown that they can match other companys with the quality of there bike, my clip2 has been through a lot (jump 12sets of stairs, cased on trails ) and its still as solid as a rock. I would recommend this bike to any one who wants a awesome bike to shred on. THANKS MAFIA BIKES =)

Jack, Hereford

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if you want a quality bmx for not a lot of money, mafiabikes is for you
don't take our word for it, see what our customers think.
I recently brought a Clip 2 from your site!
I absolutely Love this bike! :D
I've had no problems with it and all my friends are very impressed with ; how it looks, how its feels and the weight!
Overall it's a great bike and i'm So glad i brought this.
Thank you, Mafiabikes, for making such great bikes!
After seeing the "Mafiabikes clip2 mafia clip 2 advert edit"
I've been trying all sorts of tricks, and fallen off a few times too!
Luckily, the bike has had no problems what so ever!
Thanks Mafiabikes.

Tommy Age 13
Wreningham, Norfolk

I have recently purchased a clip 2 bmx witch i am really happy about it is a great bike at a good price, the delivery was really fast and really easy to assemble the only bad point is i have buckled my rear rim a little on the second day of use, but i would still recommend the bike it's light and looks great and is a great price.

Jack, Warwickshire

The clip2 is simply an amazing bike! Absolutely great value for money! it performs very well for such a low priced bike and its also very light! so far i have had no problems with this bike and its very easy to do tricks on from beginner to pro level and for pretty much any age group. it has strong, decent parts that will not let you down! i highly recommend this bike and i wouldn’t look anywhere else, GO BUY THE CLIP2!

Ben, Plymouth

Hi, iv'e recently brought the clip 2, it's an amazing bike, the lightness and gearing are really good I have it in white and black. It feels smooth to ride, after riding it for a couple of months iv'e really gotten used to it. I don't have to change anything on it because it's that good. The looks are really nice as well!

Charlie, Milton Keynes

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