Milik Jeter, AKA Swagy Leek



  • Age: 20 not far off 21 - can't wait!
  • Started riding: I started riding at the age of 5, but got serious about it around 14.
  • Favourite trick: Its called LYFT. I invented with a few of my friends. it’s when one person wheelie while holding the other person handle bars with no hands that’s the best trick ever in my eyes!
  • Why you ride: I used to ride bikes just to ride, but now I know it’s more then just riding a bike. Now I ride to motivate everyone and to prove anything is possible, not just with riding bikes, any hobby, talent you just got to put your all into it.
  • Biggest riding achievement: My biggest riding achievement is to get every kid on a mafia and out of trouble, that’s the goal and it’s working.
  • Favourite / most inspirational rider: My favourite rider and most inspirational rider is Bikeliferex hands down, because like I see everything he does for the Bikelife Community. He's definitely been making a change and he’s also one of the best rider in the US.



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