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  1. March 07, 2023

    bmx world championships 2023

    The 2023 bmx world championships will be held at Glasgow Green in Glasgow. Dates: 05 - 07 August 2023  
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  2. January 06, 2023

    January SALE begins at Mafia Bikes - buy discounted bikes at Mafia's online shop

    Mafiabikes January SALE is now live! Buy BMX bikes and cruiser and wheelie bikes online at discount prices. As January is here and everyone looks to save money on bicycles and more, Mafia has begun its sale on selected…
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  3. January 01, 2023

    BMX expected to grow in report including Mafiabikes by market experts

    BMX bike sales expected to grow up to 2028 Mafiabikes has been included in a study demonstrating the growth of bicycle sales up to 2028. The other major players in the research were all US companies, demonstrating Mafia's global…
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  4. November 07, 2022

    Mafia bikes deals and discounts - Bogof, half price sale and more!

    Mafia continue to bring the deals and discounts on BMX bikes, cruisers and jump bikes - as well as all aftermarket parts across the site. Since October Mafia have been bringing all sorts of sales on bicycles and bike parts. We started…
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