bmx world championships 2023

The 2023 bmx world championships will be held at Glasgow Green in Glasgow.

Dates: 05 - 07 August 2023


Where ordinary cyclists see obstacles, BMX Freestylers see opportunities. They fly superhero-high off ramps, ride on walls and flip the script of what’s possible on a bike every time they ride.

Each rider has two 60 second rounds to combine as many tricks as possible and wow the judges and the crowd at Glasgow Green in Glasgow. 

Judges score each round out of a possible 100 points and the highest total takes gold. 

Points are awarded based on tricks (style, technique, variety, originality, degree of difficulty), hang time (the higher the jump, the higher the score… but the scarier the fall!), use of the park (taking unique lines, performing wall rides) and overall flow of the routine. 

The smallest details will make the difference on the podium, from how fully riders extend their arms while performing look-mum-no-hands tricks to how sweetly they stick their landings.

Every rider dreams of the perfect run. But to bag 100 points, they have to show the judges something truly spectacular which includes totally new tricks that takes the sport to the next level.

There’s a good chance you’ll see exactly that at Glasgow Green.



  • The jumps may be huge, but the bikes are small. The frames come in at a ready-for-takeoff 12kg and 20-inch wheels are easier to control.
  • The sense of camaraderie in the BMX Freestyle community is special. It’s one of the rare sports where you’ll see competitors cheering each other on from the sidelines. But make no mistake - the riders are here to win.
  • The only rule is there are no rules… that’s why it’s called Freestyle! Riders are rewarded for creating tricks that judges have never seen before.
  • From half cab to can can, decades to disconnects, tailwhips to time machines, the names of the tricks are almost as inventive as the tricks themselves.


Schedule for BMX freestyle events:


August 5th, doors open 08:00.

Elite semi-finals:

August 6th, doors open 11:00.

Elite finals:

August 7th, doors open 13:30.