• Age: 19
  • Started riding: 2020
  • Favourite trick: Jump to Knee-Knock, foot over bar
  • Why you ride: I always loved being outside. I love the adrenaline rush when I learn something new. Biking motivates me, and i hope to inspire others. 
  • Biggest riding achievement: As of now, I feel like being able to ride for Mafiabike is my biggest achievement. But my goal i to make my mum proud. 
  • Favourite / most inspirational rider: I can't say I have a specific favourite rider as there is too many good riders to name. I love watching the types of riders that constantly progress, It makes me want to push harder myself.
  • What Does Bikelife Mean To You: To me, bikelife is a movement. Its bigger than just metal and rubber. It helps unite people from all over the world. I get the chance to meet all types of characters when I go riding. Riding and bikelife gives me a different perspective of the world becuase there is so much more happening beyond what you see on a phone. 


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