Jalynn Ferguson - Generaloo3



  • Age: 22
  • Started riding: I Got My First Bike When I Was 14, I Got My First Wheelie Bike When i Turned 19. 
  • Favourite trick: My favourite trick is the hand drag.
  • Why you ride: I ride bikes because it's really fun to hit the streets with a couple friends and you guys all motivate each other in some way. Also the feeling of gliding down the street on a nice day is undefeated. 
  • Biggest riding achievement: My biggest riding achievement is traveling with my bike, and partnering with Mafiabikes. I never thought I could bring my skills to another area and inspire so many people in real life, not just on social media. 
  • Favourite / most inspirational rider: My most favorite / inspirational is @rrdblocks. I started riding bikes with him when I was 14 and to see him evolve into the person he is now proves to me anything is possible when you put your mind to it and never give up. He told me one time “don’t be like everybody else, be different”.



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