Lamar Davis



  • Age: 17
  • Started riding: ?
  • Favourite trick: I would find it hard to choose just one, but man I love swerving - I guess its what I'm known for.
  • Why you ride: I ride bikes because it makes me feel unstoppable, like nothing can touch me. it really helps clear your mind.
  • Biggest riding achievement: My biggest riding achievement so far is being able to travel with my bike and receiving the sponsorship support that I have.
  • Favourite / most inspirational rider: My most inspirational rider would be me. When I ride and see improvements in myself that's the best feeling in the world. I be getting juiced about it and it makes me want to progress more.
  • What is Bikelife to you: Bikelife means you come outside on your bike and meet with your friends, and meet up with all the new people. It's a community. We ride as one no matter what crew you in, or bike you ride. have fun, that's about it.



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