Onewheel Kam



  • Age: 18
  • Started riding: 2017.
  • Favourite trick: Touching the Floor Whilst in a wheelie. My Style is swerving through the crowds to make myself seen
  • Why you ride: Riding helps me take my mind off negative things life throws at you. I love the scene and always make new friends everytime i go ride. I love to learn new tricks. 
  • What does Bikelife mean to you: Riding cures any problems I have. Bikelife means theres no stopping, no giving up and always try your best. Remember its all about fun and meeting new people. Not about who's better.
  • Favourite / most inspirational rider: I love watching everyone who rides, and everyone that is enjoying themselves. I like watching Laplaga do tricks no one else has done before. 




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