Supian - The bikelife Soups



  • Age: 27
  • Started riding: Around 2014.
  • Favourite trick: Got to be the 12 o'clock.
  • Why you ride: I ride because it gives me a sense of belonging in this lost world. It helps a lot with my mental health. I always have sucha good time when out riding , always come home de-stressed.
  • Biggest riding achievement: Riding has let me be involved with all sorts of music videos and documentaries, also working along side mafia bike for so long.
  • Favourite / most inspirational rider: Right now its bikeliferex. He is an amazing leader and looked up to all over the world.
  • What is Bikelife to you As it says in the title - "Bike life". I'm going to be bound to this shit until i can't ride no more.



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